Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not what I expected

I spent all day yesterday with Austin - he helped me at the Big Ring Century bike ride (water station), took him to a birthday party and then took only him to church last night. Today, I decided I was going to spend a few hours with Ryan. It didn't end up that way at first. We decided to go to the park this morning and I took Austin as well. We had been there for about 30 minutes when I heard "Mom! Ryan's bleeding really bad!" Sure enough, it looked like the top of his toe had been sliced off (with the skin still attached), it was covered in sand and bleeding.

I took Austin back to my parent's house and off to the ER we went. Spending three hours in the ER was not what I meant by spending alone time with Ryan.

We read books and sang songs through his crying and, eventually, playing Angry Birds stopped the tears. Seriously - that game does wonders for my kids sometimes.

Ryan's nurse was a girl I went to high school with and she said that a guy we went to high school with was also in the ER. It was good to see her and catch up a bit.

In the end, our tax dollars that pay for my sons' military insurance went to good use...for a band-aid. The toe looked much worse than it was. They cleaned it, cut off the skin and gave him a band-aid. It could have been worse, and well, we did get to spend a few hours alone together :)

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