Sunday, March 8, 2015

That defining moment when you look in the mirror...

...and realize you are no longer ok with yourself. 

For me, it is no longer okay with being overweight. 

I have focused for the last few years on being a single mom and raising my kids, but sacrificing my health and self-worth. I thought I was okay with it all, until I had THAT moment. 

I look at myself in a mirror or reflection all day long without a second glance, but this time I just starred and I was no longer happy with me. 

Some may say I am crazy, but I believe it was God telling me I am filling myself with all of the wrong things. 

Instead of feeling like I am in control with food - eating what I want and when I want - I need to surrender and fill myself with Him. I need to be free from this crap I eat. All. The. Time. 

Instead of filling myself with TV, I should be active and go for walks or the gym. 

Enough is enough. I am ready to be the best "me" that I can be. The only way that'll happen is by focusing my heart and eyes back on Him. I think that since we've been going back to church again I have started to open my heart back up and am starting to see and hear Him more in my life. The Holy Spirit is getting louder! 

My meals are planned out for tomorrow. 

My fit bit alarm is scheduled to walk at work. 
My devotional and study to help me through this change of focus and lifestyle is set out for early morning reading. 

I was made to crave HIM! Oh, how I desire that craving again. I am so open to letting Him give it to me!!

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