Monday, December 10, 2012

Time with Ryan

I stayed home and worked from home up until Austin went to Kindergarten. He had a lot of bonding time with me and we were able to make a lot of memories together.

I went back to work in an office before Ryan started preschool and sometimes I feel like he was cheated out of that special time with me. We have a great relationship and bond, but I felt he got the short end of the stick.

I have been blessed to work from home for the past  months (and until March 2013) and though I am working during the day, Ryan has been able to have some of this special "mommy time." We are able to eat lunch together, play, watch tv shows/movies, get coffee and other quick adventures. I thought I'd share just a few from today:

Usually I'll make it for him, but today he decided he wanted to make it himself. Here's how I found him.

He has been playing Santa all day..."Ho Ho Ho!!!" Our stockings were filling with die-cast Thomas trains.

Getting into things
Playing with mommy's 10 year-old glasses. I'm not too concerned because if he breaks them I have to get new ones and styles are MUCH cuter today :)

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