Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Lives - Something to Believe In

Part of me wanted to write about what I think my calling is - my purpose - in this world. but, I don't want this to be about me. OK, this blog is all about me, But I want to share two songs today that have been encouraging me me me somehting to believe in. 
I hope they are encouraging to others as well.

I have been so blessed by a group of 17 people who all just met 7 weeks ago. This little group that I am facilitating is starting to really feel like family. We are building relationships with each other. We are serving together. We holding each other accountable. We are listening to each other. I love them.

I want to facilitate another group when this one ends, but I think I may have found a home with the group I am with now. 

So, it is a HUGE change from my post a few weeks ago about feeling alone, 
which is why I am LOVING these two songs. 

Our Lives - The Calling

Something To Believe In - Parachute

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