Friday, February 1, 2013

Smarty Pants

It's one thing to be sarcastic to your son and know he doesn't get it. It's another thing to have him spurt the sarcasim back at you.

One afternoon last week I promised Austin a snack before dinner. We were out of the house and running late, so we ended up having to just get dinner.

Austin: (Staring to throw a temper tantrum) "But MOM, you PROMISED to get me a snack before dinner. You PROMISED!"

Me: I know I did, but sometimes plans change and we have to be flexible. We're getting dinner right now, so you won't starve.

(Drive thru Del Taco and get dinner.)

Now we are right on time. I have 10 minutes to get home, drop Austin and food off and then 15 min to get to my appointment. It takes 10 min to get home from where we are and 15 min form home to get to my appointment. In other words, just enough time.

We are about to go through a traffic signal when it turns red.

Me: (starting to throw a mommy temper tantrum) Oh my goodness! We need to get home!

Austin: Mom, why are you mad?

Me: Because I wasn't planning on us missing this light and now we have a red light.

Austin: Sometimes plans change, Mom.


Aside from that, my son is actually a smarty pants. He was a top speller in first grade and will compete against all of the top first grade spellers at his school in a few weeks! So proud of him!

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  1. Ha ha, this is only the beginning! Justin is almost able to match me in the sarcasm department...scary!