Tuesday, February 17, 2015

School Projects

I don't like school projects because it never fails that I end up doing most of the work. I think most parents do. 

I usually see 3 types of completed school projects:

1. The Art Gallery Project
There's no way the kid touched it. In fact, mom did it at home while the kid was at school. Surprise  - look what I did today! It is done using clay and paper mache.

2. The "Can You Tell Me About It?" Project
You can barely tell what it is, but the kid did it all by him or herself. He gets an "A" for effort. 

3. The "We" Project
This is combination of 1 and 2. The parents do most of it while the kid gets distracted. The parent refuses to do it all, so parts look great and others look...ok. 

I am a number 3 parent. I refuse to do the project, but I do the measuring and planning while he fights with his brother and goes off to play. Then he traces, cuts, glues and draws. To give him some more credit, we plan it out at Michaels together, although it's more like me making suggestions and him agreeing so we can leave. 

Why am I posting about this?? 
Of course "we" have a school project due tomorrow. 
And "we" waited until the last night to finish it. 

Abraham Lincoln on a can. He really wanted him to have googley-eyes. 
Another one down in the books!

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