Thursday, February 16, 2012

On my mind

I haven't blogged in a while and my thoughts are everywhere right now, so today is just a list of what is on my mind.

- I wanted to try to see where things could go with this guy, but I can't. As someone reminded me recently, red flags are red flags no matter how much you try to paint them green. I have come too far. At least I realize when I am trying to paint them now.

- Either God has healed my heart or I have gone insane. I told my ex I want him and his wife to move to CA. I need the every other weekend break and my boys really need him.

- I need to figure out how to get my boys to go to sleep and stay in their beds all night.

- I need to figure out how to fall asleep before 11pm.

- I still love my job.

- I am finally saving money and I see a light. Lots of money.

- I am hoping to move out with my boys this summer and it is looking good

- I witnessed one of God's miracles over the past two weeks with a little 2-year-old boy named Jace. Look him up on google "Jace McDonald in Sahuarita, AZ.

- I want to see some grown up movies but no one to go with. Looks like The Lorax for me.

- I love that I finally like Greek yogurt. I love Greek yogurt.

That's all. Good night. :)

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