Sunday, April 1, 2012


I love to take pictures. I love it! I inherited it from my dad. My sister loves it, my dad's sister loves it. My uncle loves it. I am sure there are even more people in my family who love it. I grew up going to garage sales with my dad while he was searching for old, antique cameras. When my prom dates picked me up, they were greeting with cameras and fake lighting. I have so many pictures form my childhood because of it and all of the memories to go along with them. My dad bought a new camera not too long ago and I really like to play with it. I recently took it to AZ with us and took some great pictures of our friends. A lot of my close friends have started photography business and they are awesome! I just like it as a hobby :)

For my birthday this year, I bought myself PS Elements and some Paint The Moon Actions. Here are my attempts at "cool" photo editing. ***If any of my awesome photography friends are reading this (you all know who you are), feel free to give me tips and pointers.

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