Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life this past week or so

I wrote a blog about being lonely a little while ago. The next day a great friend of mine called and guess where the conversation lead? Yep. To us being lonely. Just hearing her voice made me feel less alone, though we are three thousand miles apart. It was the jump start I needed.

This week I have gone to the gym four days in a row. Three if this days I had to talk myself into it, but I did it. Tomorrow will be no different :) no weight loss yet, but I have to be building some muscle.

The group I am leading at church is amazing. God I'd already working in lives and hearts. I love facilitating it. I think I may have found a ministry I want to be a part of for a while, if not long term. I am so excited that God is using me to help people find their identity in Christ and own their stories.

Last night, I went to my other group and really felt connected for the first time. Maybe bc it was smaller, and the people who were there were the ones I relate to the most. I left feeling great and it continued into today :)

Work, well it is still boring, but I am getting some great responsibilities and experiences. I am now the go-to person for everyone who works from home (about 20 people.) we are also hiring more next week and I am going to be holding the online training and conference call. How awesome is that?!? It is great to be in a place where my skills are utilized and my goals for my future are being considered and given opportunity to grow. Next, I want a raise, but I'll wait a bit to ask for one.

I may have found a great family law attorney. Will update later.

Austin is doing great in school. I have had so much patience with the boys. I don't feel as depressed since starting to work out and eating less junk ( I think my group at church is helping a lot too.)

Life just feels ok. Skies are bluer lately.

Oh and I have never been a jewelry person, but I am LOVING big and dangling earrings :)

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