Sunday, September 25, 2011

LIttle moments like this...

...remind me of my blessings and the beautiful life I have. Sometimes, it is the unexpected, the unplanned, that creates the best memories. I'd have to say it happens like that the majority of the time.

I decided to take a brief, spur-of-the-moment trip to the scrapbook store yesterday morning. As I was leaving, I asked my boys if they wanted to come with me, assuming they would say "no" since they are always bored and getting yelled at by me when they come. To my surprise, and honestly disappointment, they both were overly enthusiastic about going. So, I started praying for patience as I loaded them into the car, desperately needing Starbucks to calm my anxiety.

As I dreaded pulling into the parking lot, I noticed a huge fire truck at Lowe's. I thought we'd go see it real fast, because a fire truck is a win-win for the three of us. The boys get to climb in the truck and see real firemen. I get to see real firemen. Win-WIN!!! ;) It ended up being Lowe's Build and Grow day and the kids were building their own fire trucks! While we missed actually seeing the fire truck up close, we had so much fun hammering nails and building fire truck toys, complete with siren sounds. I stood in awe over how big the boys are getting and how it is in these moments that I see how important bring a mom is and, really, how important it is to just go with the flow. Those memories, the surprise of doing something fun and boyish, was better than anything I could have planned that day.

Plus, it made the trip to the scrapbook store uneventful with their new toys to keep their attention.

Enjoy the photos!!!

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