Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Year Sober

This was in today's newspaper. How perfect for the on year ... Of me being divorced. 
I don't want to call it an anniversary. I'd like to keep that word for happy and joyous times. I don't know what to call it. After today, I think it will be known as "September 1st."

Today was very uneventful. My head knew what today was, but my heart felt nothing. 
It was neutral. 
Not happy. 
Not sad. 
Maybe finally healed?

Today also marked my sobriety birthday of one year without dating.

Coincidentally, ok, maybe it was a "God thing", I met with my pastor to discuss facilitating a group at church. My Paster married his wife later in life. She was a single mom whose ex-husband left her as well. He also took a year off from dating at one point in his life. I am so encouraged by their story. I pray that my story will be just as encouraging to people in my group starting in September.

So the point of today's story?

God has blessed me beyond measure through something I thought would destroy me. Something beautiful is happening with this new start. 

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  1. very sorry that it happened to you, u don't deserve it. let's meet and chat. i think u r overdue for a nice photo shoot with the boys. let's do that, it will cheer you up a little.